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Caring for Your Senior Loved One: Important Facts to Know


How can facts help ease our role in being a family caregiver? Having sufficient information on the growing needs and realities of seniors today can spur us further to extend quality care to our aging loved ones. As providers of Home Care Services in Rancho Cucamonga, California, we admit that there are a lot of instances in caregiving that can be challenging. Hence, tidbits of helpful facts can get us going in being a diligent family caregiver.

Here are some important senior care facts we’ve compiled and most of these are lifted from The American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. We trust that these can help you in a very significant way.

  • The population of seniors in the United States is ever increasing each year.
    Approximately 46 million Americans are already at the age of 65 and above, and this number is expected to increase by the year 2060. This population comes mostly from the so-called baby boomer generation, a post-war generation when families average at having 10 children every household.
  • The members of the baby boomer generation started to become seniors in the year 2011.
    Their batch is seen to continue to increase until the year 2030, especially that about 10,000 members of the baby boomer generation celebrate their 65th year every day. For this reason, providers of Senior Placement Services in California are even more in demand.
  • Overall in the United States population, the seniors take about 14.5% of the overall figure.
    This equates to about 1 person in every 7 Americans.
  • Many older adults are also experiencing chronic illnesses.
    In fact, about 92% of these seniors are going through at least one chronic pain, while 77% of them have two. This makes it even more necessary for a Home Care Referral Agency to be accessible so that these seniors can have the help and assistance they need at home.
  • About 36% of American seniors are also having a certain type of disability, such as of hearing, vision, ambulation, cognition, and self-care.
    When your loved one has any type of disability, it might be comforting to know that you’re not alone in this challenging journey. In other words, there’s always available help and support for you especially in cases of disabilities.

Our beloved baby boomers began in the year 1946. Hence, by the year 2016, many of them have already turned 70 years old, which is a ripe age for many health conditions and physical challenges to arise.

These facts are only the tip of the iceberg of the actual needs of your aging family member. As the immediate person with direct access to them, only you can have the full grasp of their needs. Hence, don’t think twice about seeking help from others or professionals at Calvary Home Care especially as you see fit. You will do yourself and your loved one great service when you recognize your own strengths and limitations and get help when needed.

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