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What You Should Do When Your Aging Parents Won’t Eat


Good nutrition is essential for attaining good health. It is a necessity for any person, be it a child or an adult. However, nutritional needs may vary depending on the age, health condition, and other circumstances of an individual.

In the case of older adults, they should aim to get most of their nutritional needs for their bodies to function properly in their advanced years. But, there are also certain challenges along the way, particularly when they won’t eat. If your aging parents do the same, you can follow these steps.

  1. Identify the cause.

    You have to know the specific reason why your aging parents will not eat. This way, you can also identify a probable solution to address the cause. One thing you can do is to talk to your loved ones nicely. Listen to the things that they explicitly say and those implied. If you cannot get them to answer you, you might want to start observing them keenly during meal times.

  2. Talk to their doctors about their medications.

    Certain medications can cause loss of appetite. If you suspect that such medicines are making your loved ones lose their appetite, contact their doctors for assistance. The doctors can help get a better look at the situation and provide solutions, such as lowering dosages or prescribing an alternative.

  3. Help them plan and prepare their meals.

    A Home Care Referral Agency can typically help senior clients with meal planning and preparation. You can help your senior parents, too. Find out which food groups they can actually eat and which ones they are prohibited from consuming. Keep in mind their budget and even their food preferences.

  4. Serve them something else.

    Nobody wants to eat practically the same food every day. Try to mix things up. Do not wait until your loved ones complain about the monotonous meals being served. At the same time, use a variety of colorful ingredients that will not only attract their eyes but also satiate them.

  5. Make eating easy for them.

    If your loved ones have difficulty cutting pieces of meat, cut the pieces for them. It will be best to slice these up into bite-sized pieces beforehand. A provider of Home Care Services in Rancho Cucamonga, California can also help in making the task easy for your parents through feeding assistance.

  6. Give them food when they are actually hungry.

    Your parents may not be eating because they are not hungry at all. Unlike kids and young adults, most seniors often feel full immediately due to the effects of aging. Try giving them food when they ask for it. However, make sure that your parents do not go for long without any food.

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